Studio104 is a company dedicated to bringing you the best solutions for corporate photography.

We realise that time is money and have therefore streamlined our services to take the least amount of time out of your staffs busy work day. We will therefore come to you and set up a portable studio right in your office where we can take photos of all the staff.

It’s not all about being fast and efficient though. We guarantee that the photos will be far superior to anyone else’s. How do we do this? We take the necessary time to take a good range of photos. Some people are a bit nervous when taking photos and it’s important that you help them get past this so that he or she shows the type of confidence and determination that your company wants to show.

On top of this we use the best and latest editing techniques. After the shoot we take our time ensuring that each image is perfect. We remove skin imperfections, creases in clothing, stray hairs and we can tailor the colours or the black and white images to suit your company’s image.

Have a look at our different pricing options. There is something there for every company.